Butter Avocado Oil (250 ml)

Butter Avocado Oil (250 ml)

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Vegan's REJOICE!  We put our taste buds together and after months of taste testing we formulated our new butter flavored Avocado Oil.  

 Order by the case and save!

Talk about a healthy option for all eating types!!  Can you say butter Avocado Oil popcorn???  Delicious.

This new addition to the family is so versatile:

  • Use it in mashed potatoes for a healthy alternative
  • Use it on popcorn for those marathon Netflix sessions
  • Use it in baking where oil is called for
  • Use it for cooking eggs, pancakes etc.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and taste buds. 

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and Butter Flavor