Fresh Mint Bar Soap
Fresh Mint Bar Soap

Fresh Mint Bar Soap

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100% Avocado Oil Bar Soap scented lightly with a combination of essential oils that provide a fresh and invigorating mint experience. 

Order a Case of Six and/or Naked (no packaging) and watch the discounts add up!

Our Avocado Bar is made from 100% cold pressed, unrefined Bella Vado, avocado oil. Our Avocado Bar is a pure, hand-crafted bar soap. We hand make the soap using a cold process method. This means that no heat is used in the curing of our bar soap. Our bar soap takes 2-3 weeks to cure before it’s ready for sale and use. 

We pride ourselves on producing the only 100% food grade, avocado oil bar soap available on the market. The care we take in our ingredients and our process allows Bella Vado Avocado Oil Bar Soap to give you the creamiest cleanse you will ever experience!

Bella Vado Avocado Oil does not use preservatives or harsh chemicals in their bar soap.