Skin & Hair Serum (5.5 oz)

Skin & Hair Serum (5.5 oz)

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Bella Vado® Avocado Oil serums have been called the “most inexpensive anti-aging tools for your skin!” Full of healthy fats and natural vitamins, our raw avocado oil serum will be your skin’s savior. 100% food grade, Extra Virgin avocado oil infused with essential oils or fragrances. 

Bella Vado Skin & Hair Serum is perfect for a variety of uses including hair treatments, lotion boosters, make-up remover, night serum, day treatment, weathered skin, mature skin, oily skin, bath soaks, cuticle treatment and sunburn relief.



Passionfruit Skin & Hair Serum - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Passionfruit Fragrance

Lavender Skin & Hair Serum - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

Honey Almond Skin Hair Serum - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Honey Almond Fragrance



A little goes a long way. Everybody's skin and hair is different, so experiment to find what is right for you.

Skin Moisturizer - Apply to either damp or dry skin for a luxurious treatment.

Hair Treatment - Apply to damp or dry hair for added moisture and shine. Concentrate product on ends of hair.

Moisturizer Boost - Add a few drops to your favorite lotion or face cream.

Oil Cleansing Method for natural skin care.

Makeup remover