Infused Sea Salts (five 1 oz jars)

Infused Sea Salts (five 1 oz jars)

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These infused sea salts will be the most versatile tool in your kitchen, you can sprinkle them over a freshly cut avocado (Chile Lime), or sprinkle over your favorite buttered popcorn (Sriracha or Lemon Rosemary).

Sprinkle them over a freshly made tossed salad (Orange Ginger) with a drizzle of our amazing Balsamic Vinegar.  Or sprinkle a little bit over roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables or your favorite cut of meat. 

Talk about clean and creative eating, we never use any MSG or fillers of any kind, just pure, simple, and flavorful.  We like to call that beauty + brains.

These salts can be used morning, noon and night on anything you've created in your kitchen.  Buy one for yourself, or someone who loves to cook!

We have a large family of five children and four grandchildren.  And every one of those children have a gourmet palate.  Whats cool for us is that we can make the same dish taste unique for every guest at our table!  With our sea salt flight, you have the ability to make one dish and then let each guest customize that dish to their style and taste preference.  Now that's gorgeous.

Infused Sea Salts Flight:

  • Chile Lime Sea Salt
  • Butcher's Blend Sea Salt
  • Lemon Rosemary Garlic Sea Salt
  • Orange Ginger Garlic Sea Salt
  • Sriracha Sea Salt

Chile Lime Salt

Chilies give this blend a deep and full-bodied flavor with pleasant warming heat while the lime juice beautifully brightens in a sparkling, effervescent way. Sprinkle on fresh fruit, black beans, shrimp and fish or make Mexican elote by coating corn on the cob with mayonnaise, lime juice, cotija or feta cheese and sprinkle of this salt.

Butchers Blend Salt
Full-bodied with complex flavor, this blend is deliciously smoky and rich. A mix of hickory smoked salt, applewood smoked peppercorns, coconut sugar and an array of spices make this a natural companion to your favorite cuts of meat. Perfect for grilling and BBQ, also try stirred into baked beans, potato salad and collard greens
Lemon Rosemary Garlic Salt
The captivating flavor of this blend begins with a generous dose of garlic followed by a zip of zingy citrus and finished with the earthiness of rosemary. A perfect companion to all meat but especially chicken, as well as fish: salmon, cod and trout. Use to season your favorites grains like wild rice, quinoa and buckwheat or any assortment of cooked vegetables.
Orange ginger Garlic Salt
Notes of bubbly citrus dance across the taste buds then dissipate to reveal the lavish richness of garlic. This sweet and savory blend lends itself well to seafood, chicken, beef or any Asian-inspired dishes. Use to season a stir-fry, make a marinade for orange chicken, or mix with oil and vinegar to dress a salad.
Sriracha Salt
Wake up your palate with the delicious spicy heat of cayenne, garlic, vinegar and honey. A nod to a favorite hot sauce, this blend has tempting flavor and just enough kick to keep you coming back for more. Sprinkle onto popcorn, steak, fried eggs, fresh avocado or anything you want to give some spice.