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Avocado Soap Ball Scrubs


½ cup of white sugar

1 cup of grated avocado bar soap

½ cup of original avocado oil (If you use the skin serum with essential oils in it you can skip the additional EO ingredient below)

Few drops of your favorite EO – (Add if you are using the original avocado oil with no flavor or

scent or an unscented bar soap)*

Truffle spoon scoop (these are smaller than the ice cream spoon scoops)

* Practice caution when using essential oils on the skin. Play close attention to the ingredients. Citrus oils can cause irritation. Direct skin contact can cause irritation. Essential oils are best used diluted ina mix or carrier oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil if using directly on the skin.


Spoonful of honey – add to the melted soap and oil and mix.

Green tea – can be used from green tea bags – pour into the sugar mix

Food grade Gelatin – 1 small packet – not necessary, but it helps a little bit in the solidification process – put in with the sugar mix


  1. Gather the ingredients needed.
  2. Grate 1 cup of avocado bar soap. This should only take up a quarter of the bar when using

a fine grit grater. If using a scented bar, the scent will come out in the sugar scrub soap balls,

keep that in mind when adding your EO’s or using Bella Vado’s EO Skin Serum. When grating

the soap for measurement, do not pack down the grated pieces. It’s only necessary for a full

cup of unpacked shavings.

  1. Heat the grated soap in a double boiler. The heating step can be done in the microwave,

but it’s better to create a double boiler to get a more consistent melt. One way to do this is take a pyrex measuring glass container and sit it in a half pot of water. Once the water is

boiling, add the grated soap pieces.

  1. Add the 1/4 cup of avocado oil. This can be the Bella Vado original avocado oil or skin

serum. A 1/4 cup will still leave you with plenty of oil left over. If the soap has melted and it still looks a little too thick add a bit more of avocado oil. No more than 1/4 cup more. If you would

like to add honey, add it during this step and mix it in with the soap and oil.

  1. Once soap and oil is melted and mixed have your sugar in a medium bowl ready for you.

Go ahead and add any other add ons you want in this sugar bowl before adding the soap and

oil liquid. Once the liquid is added it must be mixed in right away as it will begin to solidify.

  1. Continue mixing the sugar and oil until it becomes spongy. The mix should start to

stick/bind together. Once its at this stage pack in the mixture to a truffle scoop. Similar to an

ice cream scoop but smaller. I placed my sugar scrub soap balls on wax paper on a plate.

Then placed them into the freezer from 30-45 mins.

Once done, take them out and share your homemade creation!