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Our Process


We always begin the process with quality avocados. Starting with perfectly ripe avocados ensures we capture that creamy and buttery avocado flavor in every bottle.

Since our avocados are naturally ripened we rely on the perfect Southern California climate to get the job done.

After the fruit has reached the perfect ripeness, we hand sort each lot of avocados to ensure only quality grade fruit makes it through our process.

Since the oil is made only from the flesh of the avocado, our avocados are gently washed, depitted and deskinned.  Our beautiful freshly skinned avocados are sent to the next stage for processing.


The flesh which looks like perfect guacamole, is pumped into a specialized machine that gently kneads and warms the paste under a controlled environment. Cold-pressing is a method where minimal to low heat is used to extract the avocado oil from the pulp. Since the industry is saturated with the use of the words “cold-pressed” we want to ensure you that our avocado pulp is never heated above 100 degrees.

This is an important detail, because when an oil is manufactured at higher temperatures, you will get more oil, but the process may destroy some of the delicate properties that make it a healthy choice.

After a very short time malaxing, the pulp is sent to a centrifuge for separation.  After the solids have been separated from the oil the raw oil is sent to a final separation machine which removes additional particles.  The oil from this machine is ready to eat without further processing required.


Our avocado oil is considered Extra Virgin because of the process described above and the quality standards we employ.  To ensure we are measuring up to our own strict standards, we lab test each batch of oil to double check the numbers align with the quality we expect.