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Eleven Tips For Using Avocado Oil (Genie in a Bottle)

Eleven Tips For Using Bella Vado Avocado Oil (Genie in a Bottle)

Bella Vado is a three generation family owned business, and the first Avocado Oil producer in the United States. We started this good oil movement and we are still just as passionate about ensuring we get a healthy bottle of oil into everyone’s hands.  

Located in sunny San Diego, our company is obsessed with quality and integrity. We embody the farm to fork philosophy and in doing so, we also buy local with nearly every transaction we make. Quality for us is paramount and that means we do not dilute your oil or alter it in any way. We are one of the few oil companies that believe in People over Profits. Every bottle that leaves the Bella Vado farm, and travels to your home has been handled by a Bella Vado Family member. What does that mean for you, the consumer? A pure and healthy product that we are confident you can trust!

So, you are either the proud owner of a delicious bottle of Bella Vado Avocado oil or you are thinking about purchasing this beauty. Once you’ve added it into your personal cooking arsenal (PCA), we want to share eleven (11) tips on how to use this versatile oil.

You fell in love with its creamy, buttery, sometimes slightly nutty flavor. Maybe you’ve been using Avocado Oil for years, or maybe you’re a recent convert. Clearly, whatever category you fall into, it’s time to sing its praises from the top of the grove.

Even with all its many talents, sometimes here at Bella Vado, we are left wondering what else can we do with this gorgeous oil. I mean, there’s the tried and true uses such as: bread dips, salad dressing and finishing, and then there’s a cool bag of tricks.

Meet that genie in the bottle. It can do just about anything you need in the kitchen without over powering your dish.....Hello Genie!!!

Try some of these great ideas and let us know what you think:

Roasted Vegetables

Root vegetables, cruciferous and squash work great for this dish. Cut up your vegetables in cubes or halves into a large bowl. Once everything is cut up, depending on what taste profile you are looking to achieve any one of our flavored or plain oils will get you where you want to go. Here at Bella Vado, we love garlic for this task. Drizzle a little oil over the vegetables, and toss with your favorite Bella Vado bread dip spices or spice of your choice, spread in one layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 30 minutes….So easy, so healthy and so delicious.


Grilled Meat

So now that we are in football season, and tailgating is in full swing. Simply select your choice of meat, brush on one of our tasty oils, and then sprinkle with our bread dips or infused salts……and grill away! The oil helps to put a crispier outside on the meat while giving the spices and or salts something to hang onto! Try our Butchers Blend Infused salts for a great finish (divine!). Since Avocado Oil can take the heat, it works perfectly for this task without imparting heavy flavors.


Oven Roasted Meat

For chicken breast or salmon this method works exceptionally well. There’s something about putting just a little oil on the baking sheet that keeps the meat moist, while allowing it not to stick and ruin the fun! Simply drizzle your favorite oil in the pan, use a spatula or the back of a spoon to spread it evenly (here at Bella Vado, we think Lemon does a great job). Lay your selected meat into the pan, sprinkle with spices and oven roast at 375 until done.


Deep fried Turkey, Brussell Sprouts, Sweet Potato French Fries Ya’ll?

This is exactly why we call it the genie in the bottle. How many oils do you know can go from dressing a salad to deep frying your favorite side dish without breaking a sweat. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and we think we are pretty spoiled here, every year we get to deep fry our turkey in Avocado Oil after it has been marinated and injected, the result, is simply luxurious and delicious! Nothing does it better! Wanting to put out a healthy side dish? Who ever thought deep frying and healthy would be mentioned in the same sentence? But, if you use our Avocado Oil to deep fry your brussell sprouts, then toss them lightly in a heated pan with some pancetta, garlic and onion. To finish the dish drizzle our Balsamic Vinegar and some freshly grated parmesan cheese. All we can say is WOW. We here at Bella Vado, prefer the plain Avocado Oil for tasks like these.



Grilled Cheese or any kind of melt Sandwich

Wondering what to do with our Jalapeno Avocado Oil? We have you covered. Slice your favorite artisan bread, layer in some gourmet cheeses and lightly cover the bottom of your skillet with Bella Vado, Jalapeno Avocado Oil. Put your sandwich in the pan and cook on both sides until its golden brown. What you get is a crunchy melted cheese sandwich with this great kick of spice. Talk about dressing up an old favorite? Simply delicious is what we say!


Mayonnaise and Aoli

Have you ever made homemade mayonnaise? The commercial form of mayonnaise is full of refined oils, not something that is healthy for anyone to consume on a regular basis. How about a fresh bowl of mayonnaise to slather on your favorite sandwich or use as a dip for vegetables? And the coolest part is our oil is so green, it will give your mayonnaise a slight green tint!! We think it’s gorgeous and delicious. Take it up a notch and try using Garlic or Jalapeno in your recipe. That will really give you a unique flavor to savor.


Drizzled Over Popcorn

Our Butter Avocado Oil and Lime Avocado Oil is delicious drizzled over freshly popped pop corn. It tastes just like the movie popcorn without the guilt! Take it up a notch and sprinkle one of our infused salts to finish it off and you have a healthy, tasty, gourmet experience. Try all five on different nights and you really do have a gourmet experience. 

Eggless Frying

Making your favorite fried chicken dish? Simply brush or dip any one of our Avocado Oils over the chicken parts you are choosing to use, then roll the chicken in either bread crumbs or seasoned flour of your choice, and proceed to deep fry or bake until done. This makes a great dish for those people looking to diminish their egg use! Healthy and tastes amazing.

Substitute it for butter in baking

Do you have a favorite recipe and maybe a favorite vegan relative! You can substitute oil for butter in pancakes, waffles, banana bread, zucchini bread, muffins and cake! This is a great way to take the guilt out of sweets by making them just a little more healthy.  Here at Bella Vado, we like to use our Lemon Avocado Oil for this task.


On bread

Are you looking for an alternative for your toast in the morning, a great appetizer (think Bruschetta) or a savory garlic bread with your evening meal? Here at Bella Vado, we have used all of our super star flavors and loved each one for its unique twist on a old favorite. Brush a little oil on your favorite bread, and toast it in a toaster oven. When the bread is crisp remove from the oven and garnish with a little sliced salmon and cream cheese, sprinkle with some dried or freshly chopped rosemary, or use it with your favorite brie and spicy jelly! What a great appetizer, one your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Pasta Sauce (oil based)

Being in Southern California, winters aren’t what they are in other places. We’d say they are pretty darn mild and because of that, we like our comfort food a little more on the lighter side. For this next dish, we suggest you slice your favorite vegetables (onions, garlic, peppers, broccoli, squash, and slivered baby carrots) and lightly cook them in a pan with avocado oil. Once vegetables become tender, dress them with your favorite spices or try our Salsa Di Parma bread dip spice. Toss the vegetables and spices until well coated and finish cooking. Once you have your cooked pasta ready (cooked and drained), simply put the pasta in a large bowl and toss these spiced vegetables until mixed. Finish the dish with a little Garlic Avocado Oil to blend all the flavors nicely and bring that true Italian taste home.