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Avocado Bar - Handcrafted Soap
Avocado Bar - Handcrafted Soap

Avocado Bar - Handcrafted Soap

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Bella Vado's 100% Extra Virgin Avocado Oil soap bar in the shape of half an avocado! Each individual bar is packaged in a custom box.

Luxury without compromise!

We produce the only 100% avocado oil bar soap, made from cold pressed, edible, unrefined, Extra Virgin Bella Vado avocado oil.

Avocado Oil is perfect for helping to moisturize dry skin. Other oils can be drying or irritating to skin. The Avocado Bar also contains California Sea Salt which conditions skin and produces a longer lasting, harder soap bar.

This pure, hand-crafted soap is naturally made using a cold process method which takes 3-4 weeks to cure before it’s ready for sale and use. We carefully chose this method to prevent using heat and damaging its amazing properties.

The care we take in our ingredients and processes gives you our "Luxury Without Compromise" promise. Guilt free, the creamiest cleanse you'll ever experience!

Psst.....we never use preservatives or harsh chemicals either (yea!!!).

Size: 3.5 oz.

Ingredients:  Saponified Avocado Oil, Scent, California Sea Salt

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