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Mint Body and Face Wash

Mint Body and Face Wash

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Creamy, SLS FREE, mint body & face wash.

Bella Vado is proud to bring to the market the only body & face wash with only 4 ingredients! Yep, that’s right! 4 ingredients. Unlike most oil washes on the market, Bella Vado has the only wash that does not leave an oily residue. Instead, our 4 ingredient body & face wash leaves you feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. This is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Our body & face wash does not create suds. Adding some water to the soap and friction will give you the right amount of natural bubbles. Many of our customers find it useful for a variety of needs including shaving, simply washing their face, or even replacing their hand soap.

Ingredients: Filtered water, potassium avocadoate, vitamin E, and oleic acid scented with pure essential oils.